Goodbye Phoenix @ Phoenix Bar

Sydney Gaymers said goodbye to its event home of the last year and a half with a big blowout event at Phoenix. We threw Perfect Dark and Screencheat on the screens for split-screen action, and gave away a ton of prizes generously donated by Ubisoft, Funcom, & Samurai Punk. While we’ve moved on from Phoenix, our events are far from over! Check us out at our new home at the Burdekin Hotel next month — we’re the first friday of each month!

Photos courtesy of Jake Farra.

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TowerFall Tourney @ Phoenix Bar

Sydney Gaymers held a TowerFall: Ascension tournament where members battled it out in fast-paced, frenetic action against one another. The knockout style tournament continued until one victor was declared, and the lucky winner took home a Witcher 3 PC code, with additional prizes for fourth through second place. As usual we had our cocktail menu happy hour and free drink tickets to give away to newbies — all in all, offering members the sort of fun they can expect at every MAIN QUEST event. They take place on the first friday of each month so tell your friends and bring them along!

Photos courtesy of Jake Farra.

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Gaymers Play Risk @ Phoenix Bar

Sydney Gaymers hosted our take on “Twitch Plays Pokemon,” but with the classic strategy title RISK. Players competed with one another to take over the game board, and the various countries represented on it, until one player reigned supreme. Prizes were awarded to the participants and other attendees had the opportunity to yell out strategy and suggestions as the four players aimed towards the win. Sydney Gaymers MAIN QUEST events take place on the first Friday of each month, so mark your calendars!

Photos courtesy of Jake Farra.

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Mario Party 10 @ Phoenix Bar

Sydney Gaymers hosted a launch party in honour of Mario Party 10 for the Wii U; taking advantage of the game’s tournament mode, members challenged each other to mini game competitions until one took home the crown. In addition to Mario Party, we also put Smash Bros up on the projector to let attendees battle it out for fun and glory. Our MAIN QUEST events are always the first friday of the month, so be sure to check us out if you’re in Sydney!

Photos courtesy of Jake Farra.

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Mardi Gras 2015

Sydney Gaymers returned for the third year in a row to participate in the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. With the most marchers yet, and the majority of them cosplaying as everything from comics to television to video games, we marched down Oxford St in the grand tradition of so many other groups before us. Our float was a suped-up version of last year’s construction, broadcasting a live competition of Super Smash Bros on the Wii U to the front of our float as chiptunes blasted around us. All in all it was a great evening and an awesome culmination of tons of work by the admins and members. Check out the calendar of events if you’d like to come to any of our meetups — we hope to see you there!

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Co-Op Night @ Phoenix Bar

Sydney Gaymers gathered together for a fun night that was all about co-op. We put LittleBigPlanet 3 on the projector and had Super Mario 3D World available on the side television, and both systems got tons of use throughout the event. It was also one of our biggest events ever, with over a hundred members turning up to hang out all night. We’ll be back in March just ahead of the 2015 Mardi Gras Parade (where the group will be participating for our third year in a row) so get in touch if you’d like to be a part of it as well!

Photos courtesy of Jake Farra.

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Gaymers Halloween @ Phoenix Bar

Sydney Gaymers celebrated that spookiest of nights with a big Halloween bash! Honouring creative cosplay and ghoolish getups, the winners of the costume competition (Tristan and Blake, who came dressed as Sims — complete with LED-lit plumbobs!) took home cash prizes. Other attendees spooked themselves with Five Nights at Freddie’s and Zombie-themed games on the projector. Tons of candy and snacks were given out as well, since nothing says scary quite as well as a sugar rush. All in all, turnout was great with tons of new faces and lots of opportunities for members to make some new friends in a safe and chill environment. Sydney Gaymers hosts events on the first Friday of every month, so be sure to check us out if you’ve been too shy so far!

Photos courtesy of Jake Farra.


Night of Nintendo @ Phoenix Bar

Sydney Gaymers got together this month to celebrate all things Nintendo! Hosting a Mario Kart tournament on the big screen, three of our members took home some prizes for besting the rest of the group with their racing skills. We also had some old school representation with Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64, and plenty of members also brought along their 3DSes to take advantage of the release of Smash Bros on the handheld. Turnout was excellent and this was one of our best-attended events so far in 2014. The next Sydney Gaymers event takes place on Halloween itself, so don’t miss out!

Photos courtesy of Jake Farra.

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Street Fighter Tourney @ Phoenix Bar

Sydney Gaymers held a tournament in honour of the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Hooking a system up to the projector (with real arcade sticks, too!) members duked it out against each other to see who’d be crowned the ultimate champion. Despite the chilly & rainy Sydney weather, turnout was great and in the end Johan bested the rest of the Gaymers. While the tournament was going on, we had the PS3 available for freeplay of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD, and members got to practice before the main challenge. Prizes were given away to those in first, second, and third places and overall members had a great time!

Photos courtesy of Jake Farra.

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Gaymers Got Talent @ Phoenix Bar

The Gaymers showed off their skills at this event in a traditional talent show! Showcasing what they’re best at, a few brave members performed in front of the group for the chance at some serious cash prizes. We had a diverse line up of acts from dancing to singing to drag and in the end our big winner was Jack Douglas (in his alter ego of Scarlet Fever) who took home the $200 prize. Second place went to Clarice Sam-Yue who won $100.

Photos courtesy of Jake Farra.

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